Musicology 101: It's Not What You Use!

Many people believe that having the most expensive audio mixing software will make for a great record. But that's not true! In fact, what makes a great producer is the fact that he/she can use what ever is available in an appropriate manner.

Consistency is also key. You can even mix and match the software that you use. Mixing sounds from ProTools, FL studio, GarageBand, and/or Logic, even Audacity can make for a great sound, versatility, and completely new ideas, if done correctly. Where many people make the mistake is that they buy overly complicated software and never learn how to use it correctly. YouTube is a great resource for learning. You can find just about anything that you need in order to excel in your mixing and mastering of your projects.

Sometimes, you can get better quality from $100 microphones than you can from $500 microphones. Quality is key and usually when something is more expensive, it is more likely to break or is only expensive to make it seem like it has potential. Not saying that all expensive equipment is useless, but you have to find what better suits your style of mixing and purchase equipment based on those factors.

Again, a great producer is defined by how well he or she uses what is given. Whether you record in an actual studio, or use a microphone and record into GarageBand on your phone, if the quality of your recording is acceptable, then you should have no problem. Also, asking for help is not a crime. Ask people that you know who have other equipment to help you find what you need to investing in. And if you already have the resources, your career will not be damaged by helping someone else reach their full potential. Help each other grow, and be the best producer, and leader, you can be!


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