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R&B / Soul

Make It Up To Me


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I am so excited for the next collection of songs that I have coming out. This song marks the new territory that I am crossing by exploring seductive and sexual themes, while also staying true to my creative nature.

"Make It Up To Me" refers to when someone does you wrong and they promise to make a wrong a right. It just gives out a list of suggestive ideas that maybe the listener can keep a hint at.



After releasing "Metamorphosis" (available now), I decided to take a full dive into orchestrating my lyrical music. I've done so much music and genre-crossing that I thought 'what would happen if I crossed techniques that use from one genre to another'?

So birthed the first single, 'Homecoming' and it's just in time for football season and the homecomings of many colleges across the world.

But the song itself talks about returning to what you know, a love that is always there no matter how many times you mess up. A true unconditional love.

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I've been through some things since I released 'Underestimated'. I've overcome many things that I talked about on that album, but now there are new issues and new questions that I have. Because I know there are other people that deal with the same thing, I wanted to just sing about everything and explore other genres at the same time, including one that I'm not really a familiar with. There are so many people I wanted to work this on this so I'm super excited for these collaborations!


Quarantine Sessions


For me, the quarantine was a blessing in disguise. I got a lot more time to write music and experiment.

This project put me out of my comfort zone and got me doing things that I would never do. I would eventually do a full album but because of the circumstances, I had to halt production. it was especially crazy not having access to the studio so I had to adjust and manage.

My favorite thing about the album is that it keeps you wanting more. There are a lot of drafts here, but not really any full songs. Those are on the actual album and I saved them just for that.




Reflections - EP

"I needed a break from choral music and working on the jazz album, so once I decided to do this project, not even knowing when it would come out, I did it in 3 weeks."
Reflections is a new project from MAESTRO3000 documenting the past year, with lessons of self-reflection, honesty, and accountability for past actions.



Underestimated is the lastest EP coming from Maestro3000. Using layered harmonies, vocal beatboxing throughout, and life experiences, this EP is a stepping stone before the full album comes. Until then, Underestimated speaks for the underdog in all of us, where people doubt or don't want to see anyone succeed. With clean lyrics, mood-changing chords, and an ear for crazy concepts, Underestimated is sure to have something for everyone.



available now!

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