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Metal is something that I've always wanted to try out. Been a couple bands, none of them panning out due to life, but I still learned a lot from the groups that I was in and try to incorporate what I learned inside the drama and also take certain parts out of it and use in my own personal arsenal.


So...I am too excited for this. So please take a listen to the instrumental from the upcoming project...


An upcoming alternative rock/metal project that turns that challenges the definition of the genre, as well as sets new boundaries for creativity and thinking outside the box. I'll also be going by a different name, Chaos Spectrum.

new single

When I did 'Quarantine Sessions', I experimented across different genres. This song "ASYLUM" has to be one of my favorites lyrically and orchestrally. Everything from the syncopation to the ways the music weave in and out of one another, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Hands Up, Don't Shoot - Instrumental
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Love Again - Instrumental
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Back when I was attempting to start another metal band, a friend Blake Jones came up with a riff and everyone just tried to see what ideas they could come up with. These were mine. 

Shoutout to Blake Jones for an awesome riff

Definitely one of my favorite demos to do.

Had no idea where the inspiration came from but I freestyled the words just so I could see how it meshed with the groove in the background. Might make it into a full song.

So these were super random.

Played with time and different grooves. Didn't really have a metal sound but it was kind of funky overall. Really had fun with the drum programming and synth playing.

I really love playing with time.

I sing a little on this one but I just playing around with lyrics. They weren't final (neither was my voice.) All and all, this entire thing is in groups of 5, which gives it a new feel. 

This one just sounds so sinister!

I really love playing with new sound effects. I understand how there are rarely any sound effects used in metal, but I love when I hear something unexpected. It adds so much!

So I actually wrote the beginning riff just to see how it would sound. It was my first actual batch of ideas to contribute. A lot of times, I would have the keys set up before the next part came in. It would give it more dynamics.

So a friend Blake came up with a riff, but it had 19 notes total all the same value! So being the music composer I am, and loving a challenge, I took his riff and put some ideas with it. Even our drummer at the time couldn't figure out how I came up with the parts!

This was my sort of audition piece.

Since none of the guys knew each other, we were all showing off to one another (respectfully of course) and I asked each of them to give me a line for a song. It didn't make sense, but it was hilarious!

Influences: Periphery, Jaws Unhinged, Slipknot, Surface & Breathe, Dream Theatre, Coheed & Cambria, Memphis May Fire, Liquid Tension Experiment, KISS, Metallica

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