“Dreams” is a song for the generations in which many can come together and encourage one another to go after their life long goals. It encourages hope while giving the listener faith that anything is possible.

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"Restoration" is a song about asking God to bring back the wholeness to the heart, while also exalting him and stating the necessity for him in one's life.

"Heaven's Gates" is an imagining of the trip from death to paradise. A baritone soloist talks about hoping that he had all that he could do in his lifetime to put good in the world. As a women's choir sing Alleluia, an angelic aura fills the stage. With the man on his way to judgment day, he hopes that God will say "Well done!". Surrounded by piano's light tones and the organ's strength, by end of the journey, an "amen" cadence with the piano and organ signify the man's pray and wish, but that Heaven's Gates have opened for him to come home. 

In Loving Memory to Alen von Shea Norman

"Oh Be Joyful" is a joyous song that plays with waltzing and syncopation, to emphasize the euphoric feeling of receiving God's blessings time and time again. 

"A Father's Love" plays with the idea of a relationship, only to be revealed that the subject is much more sacred.  A soprano soloist talks about deserving love like her father, but when it is revealed that she is talking about God, both her and the male chorus sing together that everyone deserves that.

"Shine On Me" is a song that makes the promise to be a light in a dark world. Featuring a women's choir with several percussive instruments, this 5/4 groove stands out and adds momentum to a positive message.

"Worst Thing She Could Say" is a fun male chorus tune about men having the courage to ask a woman out on a date. What's the worst that could happen?

Dedicated to Mrs. Sandy Seay in honor of her 50 years of teaching!

"Peace" echoes how one person can make a difference in the world and give so much joy to another, no matter how much turmoil surrounds them.

Dedicated to Dr. Dan Ross, a beloved teacheroboist, and mentor.

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