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My dream is to write music that I can send to music programs all over the world. I want it to be said that there is a guarantee that there is an array of therapeutic music in my catalog.


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Donate to my Patreon and receive content such as:

ComposerLIfe Podcast
Close to being a reality, the podcast will document my milestones and stories that I have within becoming an emerging choral and instrumental composer.

Behind The Music

Concepts videos behind my numerous compositions

Inside The Process
Videos where I write and explain the ideas behind my various selections

Transcription Videos
I will take a specific song and post the transcription online for everyone to see an example of my work.

A'capella Arrangements
I will take song requests and make new arrangements for them, whether choral, jazz, or even pop music. Whatever the genre, I'm up for the challenge!

Graphic Design
Need a promotional item? I will gladly whip something up for you, no problem. Look to the left and see my extensive catalog now!

Exclusive Discounts
I will personally offer discounted rates off of sheet music and transcriptions just for you!

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