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Aaron J. Fisher is a music composition graduate from Arkansas State University.  He is currently residing in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where he is an active composer for Men’s, Women’s, Chamber, and Mixed choirs at Arkansas State University.  He has also done numerous arrangements for Vocal Jazz and several other bands in the surrounding area.   Mr. Fisher is active as a church music director, musician and jazz pianist.  He is also a percussionist, an accomplished vocalist, and a well-rounded individual who lives with a strong faith in God and lives with passion and dedication towards life and music. 



Featured on Derrick Fox's Series

"Shine on Me"

Music Distribution Sponsorship


Clinician for the Gospel Songwriters’ Conference in Dallas, TX


Music Distribution Sponsorship

J. W. Pepper 


Executive Producer

For the historic United Voices Gospel Choir

Arkansas State University


Individual Artist Fellowship Award WINNER

Clinician for the Gospel Songwriters’ Conference in Memphis, TN

Guest Composer for Masterclass

East ACDA Conference in Pittsburg, PA

Choir Director of United Voices Gospel Choir

Arkansas State University -- Jonesboro


2008 - present

Multiple compositions and arrangements performed by

Arkansas State Music Department



"Wild Rover" arrangement performed all over the country of Ireland

Clinician for the Gospel Songwriters' Conference in Memphis, TN


Performed Various Scenes in Opera

"Guillermo / Bird keeper (Magic Flute)"



Principle Musician for Stage Production

The Color Purple



Opening Act for VoicePlay (a Capella group)

With ASU’s Delta Vox



Choir Director of United Voices Gospel Choir

for National Gospel Recording Artist, Myron Butler



Commissioned original musical, “Fantastic Voyage”




Production of original musical, “The Gizzard of Oz”

Writer and Actor



Performed in Disney World / California Adventure


Inquire works for choirs and/or bands of different variations and instruments. 

Choral Director

With years of experience already under his belt, have someone come in and give tips to transform your ensemble, or even just to have someone encourage and see a different perspective!


Ask about making your sound file (MP3, wav, flac, etc.) made into a complete score with details and additions to your liking! Click on the top tab for more information!

Music Arranger

Take your favorite songs (with permission of course!) and turn them into something that everyone can enjoy, or give it your own take and show others how creative you really are!

Music Producer

Whether it's advice to make your recording the best it can be, or it's wanting a session for yourself, book a time and be able to see your full potential as you record your very own song or cover!

Piano Teacher / Tutoring

Take the chance to become skilled at one of the most versatile instruments that exists! Standard fees apply!

Bass / Baritone

Invite me to take on a song or be in your ensemble's performance or recording, with much experience in reading music, sight-reading, and perfect pitch!

Motivational Speaker

Encouraging one another is the foundation to getting anything done in any field of work. Whether it's music related, or business wisdom, give the invitation and you'll have someone to come talk to your class or ensemble (lecture or interactive conversation) and encourage them on their journey.

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