Aaron J. Fisher & EnLIGHTenment

The group started in 2009, under the name EnLIGHTment, with several people jumping in to lead and sing backgrounds, but as time passed, and everyone went their separate ways. It was said that it was better to have EnLIGHTenment reflect the true purpose of the group's existence, and so the focus was on the ministry and not the faces, plus the mission was clear:

to relay the message to the lost and help them find their way to Christ.

Leading United Voices Gospel Choir into worship in 2013


"With the rise in suicides and homicides at an all time high, the people of God not only need to going out and saving souls, but we have to save each other as well. This project speaks to those who need to realize their value and self-worth in Christ while showing others that they are not alone."

Release date: 2020

finding my strength

This upcoming release from Aaron J. Fisher and EnLIGHTenment will mainly tackle the subject of finding the will to keep going when you're in a low place, church hurt, being truthful with God with prayer, and many more!

"I've been in a low place before. Everyone has. Gospel artists come out with songs that exemplify and magnify God, but what happens when you feel like you can't hear God anymore? I haven't heard any songs that meet me at the bottom of the well when I'm in such a dry place. So I thought I should use my testimony of how I overcame being in a low place and help others in the same way."

Aaron J. Fisher

"The Message" is a new single that talks about the cliché's that we have come to know in church, but have failed to simplify the Word of God to where all can understand.
Worthy Is The Lamb is the first single off the new album and it talks about when things don't go your way, God is still worthy of the glory!
More singles coming soon!

The ReINTROduction

After releasing their first project, Aaron J. Fisher presents EnLIGHTment and releasing a second project not even 6 months later, EnLIGHTment: Futuristic Worship, the group disbanded. Some years later, after speaking with multiple people from the group, the visionary decided to get back to writing new material and recording, with some of the original members agreeing to come back, as well as new members promising to lend their help along the way. The ReINTROduction gets back to the root of the matter, while also incorporating modern musical elements, but stays focused on the core reason to choose God, which is to bring light to the lost, while EnLIGHTenment was brought to the forefront to enhance a new beginning.

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