Musicology 102: Embrace What Makes You Unique

In this world of music, we always end up having a trend that comes around where musicians try and emulate the same things that previous artists come up with. However, you must realize that in order from something to trend, someone has to be trendsetter.

Don't conform your musical ideas. No matter how dark or eerie your ideas may be, there will always be someone who appreciates your focus. It's insane to think that people listen to the same kind of music all the time. Human nature is layered. Sure, everyone has their preference, but there are those who dabble into other genres at specific times.

Sometimes, it's best not to classify yourself. Even I have done this at times, where I am writing a song and I am thinking it to belong to a specific genre. Some of the best music that has ever been made was never thought to be a rock or gospel song. The artist just recorded the song with whatever and let the public decide.

For every "no", there is a "YES". Not everyone is going to like what you bring to the table, and that's okay. Still, continue to send whatever you have to your friends, family, even indie websites and such. They will get everything out for you and you'll be able to see what crowd you draw. Doesn't matter what kind of people you attract, as long as the seats are filled.

Add to your arsenal. Yes, you have a specific niche about yourself, but don't be afraid to try new things. Then you can pile your tools on top of each other and be able to come up with combinations that no one has ever thought of. Every artist is entitled to evolving but only if you go beyond what you already know and grow!

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