Musicology 101: Patience In The Process

A lot of musicians and artists have this same problem: Patience!

When doing a song, an album, or anything in particular, it is really easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, to where you just want to go ahead and release the song immediately. But there are certain things that we must pay attention to: mixing, mastering, quality, etc.

Make sure that you master your product is to its best ability. Doesn't matter the software, but it does matter the quality. People who are OCD about their music can still miss something in the mixing process.

One thing Pro Tools has is that you can listen to the final mix while it is bouncing and it allows you to stop the conversion completely. This allows the producer to make sure that there are no mistakes made on the final mix. Even if the song is done, promoting in a timely manner, album artwork, and other things can be put into play when trying to wait for a project to be perfect. But think about it this way: a parent wouldn't send a newborn out into the world prematurely.

With that being said, make sure to have patience for your work, because the best deserves to be put out into the world. Make sure that the instruments are level, the words and harmonies can be heard clearly, the presentation is correct, and that all of the necessary need are taken care of. Only then will your work be recognized for truly what it is: a masterpiece.


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