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new album


I've been through some things since I released 'Underestimated'. I've overcome many things that I talked about on that album, but now there are new issues and new questions that I have. Because I know there are other people that deal with the same thing, I wanted to just sing about everything and explore other genres at the same time, including one that I'm not really a familiar with. There are so many people I wanted to work this on this so I'm super excited for these collaborations!

Release date: March 2020

Reflections - EP

"I needed a break from choral music and working on the jazz album, so once I decided to do this project, not even knowing when it would come out, I did it in 3 weeks."
Reflections is a new project from MAESTRO3000 documenting the past year, with lessons of self-reflection, honesty, and accountability for past actions.