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Aaron J. Fisher & EnLIGHTenment, Finding My Strength

"Finding My Strength" is an upcoming gospel project that tackles topics of finding strength while overwhelmed with trials and tribulations, while also addressing the focus of being in an empty place spiritually and not knowing where to turn.

Release date:  MAY, 2019



You Are So Beautiful / I Will Always Love You

Joe Cocker / Whitney Houston

Here are some harmonies I came up with on one of my favorite contemporary worship songs, Oceans.

When I did praise & worship at my local Methodist Church, I was able to come up with some unique harmonies. Now that I can sit and record my own, I thought it was time to just get all the ideas out.


Until We Meet Again [SATB]

A song of sisterhood, Until We Meet Again highlights the bond between women, whether it is a simply goodbye or a farewell to someone who has recently passed. The message states that whomever the song is dedicated to has been a great influence and a person that has spread joy and love to those around her.

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